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Below are some of the key patents obtained by our attorneys for our clients.

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The invention relates to synthetic peptide amide ligands of the kappa opioid receptor and particularly to agonists of the kappa opioid receptor that exhibit low P.sub.450 CYP inhibition and low penetration into the brain.

A computer-implemented method for ranking a plurality of academic programs includes receiving a plurality of records corresponding to the plurality of academic programs

A resource-efficient live streaming system includes a broadcaster and a streaming server.

A method for programming a flash memory device with a plurality of memory cells. A selected memory cell is programmed under a condition where a bulk area is biased with a high voltage.

A graphics processing unit implemented method for fiber tract mapping from diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging data includes providing a diffusion tensor magnetic resonance brain image volume...

A vehicle headrest cover for covering a vehicle headrest having a display mounted therein includes a material designed to correspond with the shape and dimensions of the vehicle headrest and fit over the vehicle headrest for covering the vehicle headrest.

A sense amplifier includes a reference signal providing unit and an internal sense amplification unit. The reference signal providing unit provides a reference bit line signal in response to a reference control signal.

A method for three dimensional image segmentation of a volume of interest includes providing a three dimensional image of the volume of interest, providing an initial polyhedron having a plurality of mesh vertices within the three dimension image

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